Amazon Reveals the Future of Retail

So, Amazon has introduced to the people in Seattle the future of retail. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s called Amazon Go, and I’m not going to lie, its FREAKING AMAZING! Let me break it down for you really quick, you walk into a beautifully built retail store that has a “badge” type scanners to allow u to walk into the actual shopping area. But, instead of a badge, you simply pull out your phone, open up your Amazon Go app and scan a QR code that basically opens the gate and allows you to start shopping. But here is the kicker, no registers! You walk around and grab any item that’s available and just walk out when you’re done. So how does Amazon know what you bought? Amazon has developed the highest level of artificial intelligence (ai) technology that can recognize all these functions. What we know so far is there are thousands of cameras in the location that monitor every inch of their stores, and a few employees are on site to assist with inventory and any customer needs. As far as transactions go, there are no face to face money transactions. You simply take what you want, and go, hence, Amazon “GO.”  As soon as you walk out of the shopping area, you will get an alert on your amazon app with a receipt of all the items in your possession that you decided to take. Listen, as creepy as this seems, this is amazing.

I think it’s safe to say that we have finally hit the future of retail. Amazon has done it once again. We look back to when Amazon first introduced itself as an ecommerce shop then put so many store front retailers out of business, now they are showing off what’s next to come to the retail industry with the most leading and cutting-edge form of retail technology that we can ever say has come to market.

I have not yet been able to make a trip and experience this, but rest assured I am planning on it. If you have any more information than what I have presented, PLEASE SHARE! I’m just as interested as the next person. Check out the video below to get a visual idea of what the heck I’m talking about.


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